Word of the Day 4/1/2010

1 04 2010


Definition: Fool, n-

  1. One deficient in judgement or sense, one who acts or behaves stupidly, a silly person, a simpleton. (In Biblical use applied to vicious or impious persons.)
  2. to be every way inferior to, to be as nothing compared to
  3. A dish composed of fruit stewed, crushed, and mixed with milk, cream, or custard. Often gooseberry fool.


(Noun, first two definitions) Middle English  f{omac}l n. and adj.  From Old French fol n. and adj. (Modern French  fou n., insane person, madman)

(Noun, last definition) Probably a use suggested by the synonym trifle, mentioned in quot. 1598. (So Skeat in Phil. Soc. Trans. 1885-7)

Modern Usage

Follows definitions above, minus the last.

All definitions and etymology information was obtained using the Online Oxford English Dictionary.




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