Birth is NOT a miracle.

4 10 2010


1. A marvellous event not ascribable to human power or the operation of any natural force and therefore attributed to supernatural, esp. divine, agency; esp. an act (e.g. of healing) demonstrating control over nature and serving as evidence that the agent is either divine or divinely favoured.

2. A remarkable, wonderful, or (in weakened sense) very surprising phenomenon or event; an achievement or occurrence seemingly beyond human power; an outstanding achievement.

3.A wonderful object, a marvel; a person or thing of more than natural excellence; a surpassing specimen or example of some quality.

There have been countless billions of humans born and if you count those fetuses that didn’t make it to birth maybe trillions made.  Even if we didn’t understand the process the way we do by sheer numbers alone, the birth of a child does not, by definition, constitute a miracle.

Quit calling it what it isn’t.  Being memorized by birth is like being memorized by flipping a quarter.


All definitions courtesy of the Oxford English Dictionary.